Tiburonpeym.com was founded by Jean Dessaline & Uryl Grandoit in 2007 in Medford, Massachusetts.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to  promote the town of Tiburon, have fun, share knowledge, information among us and others and bring  the citizens of Tiburon together as well as integrate its unique tradition to the rest of the world. Tiburonpeym.com aims to provide its customers the best services through the highest standards and corporation, or partnership with all that seek Haiti’s best interest in mind.

For your Donation

When you donate to tiburonpeym.com,  you help us to add (buy)  more tools to create a better site, maintaining this service  and educate our people.  To give them a way to express themselves, have fun and educate other people and promote the town of Tiburon and provide assistance as it seek to achieve its natural potentials.

Your pledge for  whatever amount is very appreciated by all of us who are working hard to make tiburonpeym.com possible and most specially the town of Tiburon.
Thank you.

Email: tipinez@yahoo.com Phone: (480)2408446
Write us:
P.O BOX 1291 – Gilbert, Arizona 85296
211 Regent Ave Providence, RI 02908


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