Welcome to Tiburon

Tiburon (tee-byoo-RON) is located at the       South west extremity of the Jacmel Peninsula, and estimated to be about 45mi/72 km WNW of les Cayes.  Tiburon is also situated near La Navase and approximately 44 mi/70 km from Cuba. Due to its geographical position, the town of Tiburon is used as one of the midpoint that links the two Southern departments (South & Grande-Anse) and the two major cities(Cayes & Jeremy) together. Up until recently, no evidence known has been able to certify the actual birth date of Tiburon. However, we know that Tiburon is among the oldest towns of Haiti. It is so true that the Haitian handbook that teaches the history of the country in elementary school level thought student about the nice bay of Anse-Milieu which  is found at the very entrance of Tiburon and describes as the place where general Rigaud embarked to Jamaica in July 29, 1800. Due to these types of historical values affiliated to this place, today this place is name as the “Passage President.”

According to most business man and women from the early years of the south, Tiburon was one of the most prosperous towns in the department. We have to say at this time, it was known as the district of Tiburon and it was under the jurisdiction of the Department of Grande-Anse which includes other town like Les Irois, Anse-d’Hainault and Dame-Marie.  Back in those   period Tiburon was known to be very rich in agriculture where crops like coffee, cotton, banana, and campeche woods were found in grand quantities. As anyone can imagine Tiburon was all green and the forest seem to have been light years away from destruction.
Nowadays due to major transportation work, residential development, and poor usage of natural resources Tiburon is facing its own challenges with major erosion like most other territories in Haiti. Inspite of these challenges that the town is facing, the town still remained as one of the most attracting place in Haiti.  Tiburon has a large deep bay which offers a large spectacular sunset that can not be describes in word, and may be comparable to the ideal paradise for most people. Even though coastal erosion seem to continue to ravage certain area of Tiburon’s shore line, the beach seem to produce its own natural levees that also served as protection for most fisher man and the commuting sail ships against bad weather.
As you discover Tiburon, you will have a chance to experience Haitian culture in a form that may be unique only to Tiburon. It starts with the kindness of the people, the attachment to nature, and the resiliency of the nature to bad weather which is emblematic on the people’s ability to seek and make the best out of the situation presented to them like the bad storm that occurred in 1954 “Cyclone -Azele, Flora 1963, Allen 1982”, and the 1976 persishment of the major commercial ship better known as “Saint- Sauveur”, which seem to have destroyed a major part of Tiburon’s economy. In addition you will also realized that Tiburon is one of the richest branch of Haitian culture but unique with its own tradition.  According to recent census, the population of Tiburon is estimated to be about 10,000 with two public high school and several elementary schools. The town is served by one major health center better known as the “dispensaire”, where doctors visitation are performed on a part-time basis and a few License Practical Nurse is available for most of the population and like most places in Haiti health care is at a minimum. For religious purposes the town consist of one major Roman Catholic church and several other protestant churches to satisfy the people’s religious belief.
By in large the community  organize itself around its youths where most activities take place during the summer months where most native from Tiburon meet and celebrate the chosen birth day of the town, which is better known as “10 Aout” or August 10. This date is chosen as a special date for most Tiburonaise and Tiburonais because legend seems to adopt this day as the day when European fisher men in pursued of sharks seem to have stumble on the town. Today this celebration signifies a sense of history and pride among Tiburon’s citizen and its people and most of all it also has a family reunion type of atmosphere that demonstrate the bond that exist between Tiburon and the rest of Haiti.


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